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Ecosystems worldwide are threatened by anthropogenic degradation, fragmentation and climate change. Plants are part of almost all food webs and critical for the functioning of ecosystems. Thus, their ability to adapt to environmental changes is crucial. In the CRC TRR 341 we dissect the genetics of plant adaptation to their environment. Using state-of-the-art genetic technologies with a combination of field surveys and controlled environmental manipulations, we seek to identify the genetic variation underlying survival and reproduction in plants growing under altered resource availability, abiotic stress and plant-plant competition pressures.

Ultimately, work in this consortium will provide key information on the traits, genes and genetic variants promoting adaptations to global environmental change in plants, and assist future efforts to preserve natural ecosystems.

Spokespersons: Prof. Juliette de Meaux (UoC) and Prof. Maria von Korff-Schmising (HHU)

Contact: Dr. Charalampos Mantziaris trr341-office@uni-koeln.de